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In Honor of Debbie Henry

Created by San Francisco Opera Orchestra

Debbie Henry

Debbie Henry was our loving friend and colleague who battled Multiple Myeloma for 13 years. A member of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra since 1974, Debbie was a dedicated oboe player and musician who gave everything to her job. She and her husband, Chuck, raised a barnyard's worth of animals in their suburban yard--they doted on their chickens, geese, bunnies, and cats. We will miss her music, her laugh, and her love.

Please help us honor Debbie while making a difference in myeloma research.


Guest Book



1. Clifford Cranna Jr
2. Frederick and Beverly Maytag
3. Lee Helms
4. Natalia V Daniels
Dear Debbie, Rest In Peace!
5. McDowell Kenley
6. Stephanie McNab
Debbie, I think of you each time I pass one of the beautiful handmade gifts in our home - the beautiful baby quilt and matching pillow you made for Phoenix and the lovely keepsake box. I'm grateful I have those reminders of your kindness, generosity and love. Remembering your distinctive laugh always makes me smile. You are missed.
7. Ms Judiyaba
I miss her!
8. Thalia Moore
Debbie, I will so miss your beautiful oboe playing and your fabulous musicianship. You were such a great colleague and friend to all of us in the SF Opera Orchestra. Your strength and courage in battling multiple myeloma are an inspiration to us all. I will never forget my astonishment when I opened up a huge box from you to find a spectacular quilt and pillows that you had made for me. I will always cherish them, as I will cherish all of the wonderful memories I have of you.
9. Linda Rowe
I met Debbie through the Anchor Camber Players. She worked tirelessly to put on four concerts a year. However, my fondest memories of her were with her bunnies. She was kind enough to invite my young daughter to come and pet the bunnies on many occasions, taking the bunnies out one by one so my daughter could pet them all. Debbie will be missed.
10. Janice McIntosh
11. Susan Bates
In memory of Debbie Henry, a superb musician, and a warm, giving and most cherished friend. You will be remembered always.
12. Barbara Chaffe
13. Julie McKenzie
Oh Debbie- I have so many wonderful memories of playing together in Anchor Camber Players, and also of the spectacular matching taffeta dresses that you sewed for Barb and me to play our Doppler duos! (And also the striped kitty Halloween costume for Sam that he loved SO much) And all the visits to your home of many critters- always so fun, But most of all, I will remember your beautiful sound, for year after year, which came from your beautiful heart that we all love so much!!
14. William Klingelhoffer
To honor the memory of Debbie Henry, who played the oboe beautifully and loved music with all her heart. To honor all the wonderful musical moments we shared playing music together. Farewell dear friend and colleague.
15. Joanne Eisler
We spent many wonderful years playing together. Your musicianship, work ethic and friendship will be missed by all who knew you. Your fight against this terrible disease was nothing short of inspirational. RIP, Debbie.
16. Adrienne Duckworth
In honor of dear Debbie--who inspired me with her amazing sound, wonderful sense of humor, and love of all creatures.
17. Nancy Stenzen
I was happy to donate for Debbie after all the gifts she's given us musically and with her happy spirit. I'm sorry she's no longer with us, at least physically, but the value of a life is certainly not its longevity, and hers was definitely a quality, enriching life.
18. Patricia Mitchell
19. Paul Nahhas
Will miss being called Pollywog. ??
20. Steven D'Amico
21. Shinji Eshima
I will never forget her beautiful sound and phrasing. I can still hear her. Nor will I forget her reed making chair with 400 miles of multi-colored threads wrapped around the arm! Such dedication....a rare and special talent
22. Reva, Adam, Riley, and Nora Luftman
In memory of Debbie and all of the wonderful things she brought to our lives both musically and personally! Also, much love to Chuck, we are here for you. Many more meals at Jo Ann’s in the future!
23. Peter Wahrhaftig
Debbie's infectious laugh and warm spirit will be missed. Chuck, we're all there to support you.
24. Alicia Telford
Those Christmas cards??
25. Sergey Rakitchenkov
Dear Debby,what an amazing spirit you are!!! Olga and Sergey.
26. Richard Shyan
Debbie, an amazing, awesome oboe playing buddie of mine since elementary school to the present. I will miss you!
27. David Kadarauch
We will miss Debbie's friendship, wit, and beautiful oboe playing. She was a charming, talented, wonderful colleague.
28. Clark Fobes
29. Beni Shinohara
Debbie, you inspired me so much as a musician, friend and as a fighter. I miss you.
30. Laura Griffiths
In honor of Debbie Henry, who bravely fought against Multiple Myeloma for 13 years!
31. Troy Green
I will miss Debbie's Christmas Cards.
32. Janet Archibald
In honor of Debbie with love
33. Larry Ragent
Debbie was an ultra-conscientious musician who brought a beautiful sound into the world.
A wonderful musician, colleague and friend. You will be missed!
35. David Reichert Sprung
In honor of my friend and colleague Debbie Henry
36. Samara Olivier
You will be missed! I have many wonderful memories from my childhood into adulthood:-)
37. Craig Reiss
We will miss your beautiful sound and generous spirit.
38. Barbara Riccardi
In honor of my unforgettable and irreplaceable friend
39. Mark Drury
We will miss you, Debbie.
40. Patricia Niemi
We love you and miss you Debbie.

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