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In Honor of Rocco V Conenna

Created by Kelly Conenna

Rocco V Conenna

Help us honor Rocco while making a difference in myeloma research.
Please feel free to share this, not just to raise money for the incredible foundation , to also raise awareness of the cancer. Thank you

Roc was a fighter. He never gave up. Always fighting for more time. We both believed he would always make it to the next new medication and maybe even a cure. Sadly he did not

We need to fine a cure for this horrible cancer. Treatments are great... a cure is what we need ! For Roc please donate to the MMRF, any amount.
In memory of an amazing fighter, who never backed down no matter how hard the battle. We love you Roc!

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), along with its research and medical industry partners, has fueled more studies, initiated more trials, developed more treatments, introduced more medicines, and have had a far greater impact than any other organization on myeloma. While the MMRF has made enormous progress, they still have much to do and cannot continue to do great research without your support.

Please consider joining me to fight multiple myeloma. Together we can make a difference.

Guest Book



1. Sally
We Love and miss you Rocco
2. Janelle Archer
We love you and miss you so much, rocco!!!
3. Brenda Taylor
?? Forever missed ? Forever loved
4. Kelly Conenna
I love you Roc

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