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In Honor of Valerie Malsch

Created by Valerie Malsch

Malsch Family

Help us honor our loved one while making a difference in myeloma research.

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), along with its research and medical industry partners, has fueled more studies, initiated more trials, developed more treatments, introduced more medicines, and have had a far greater impact than any other organization on myeloma. While the MMRF has made enormous progress, they still have much to do and cannot continue to do great research without your support.

Please consider joining me to fight multiple myeloma. Together we can make a difference.

About the MMRF:
The mission of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is to find a cure for multiple myeloma by relentlessly pursuing innovation that accelerates the development of next-generation treatments to extend the lives of patients. Founded in 1998 by Kathy Giusti, a multiple myeloma patient, and her twin sister Karen Andrews as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, the MMRF is a world-recognized leader in cancer research. The MMRF continues to disrupt the industry today, as a pioneer and leader at the helm of new research efforts.  Since its inception, the organization has raised over $330 million and directs nearly 90% of the total funds to research and related programs. To learn more, visit

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Guest Book



1. David Schlactus
Showing support for our dear friend valerie malsch. Love from all the schlacti
2. Judith Feingold
My thoughts and prayers will always be with you for continued recovery. Love, Judy Feingold
3. Julie and Leo Abbe
Thinking of you and sending lots of love and prayers for a cure.
4. Allison Fehrenbaker
Way to go Valerie
5. Caroline Walker
6. Caroline Smyth
Well done Anne Marie for running in aid of such a worthy cause. Valerie I wish you continued health and strength.
7. NIcola Atherstone
Anne-Marie, congrats on your half marathon, such an amazing achievement!
8. Lauren Stern
Keep it up Val! Lauren and Michael
9. Patricia Goldman and Timothy Perini
10. Martin Malsch and Jane Axelrad
11. Susan Morse
We have friends in common which makes us friends. You are inspiring and part of my community.
12. Joseph Kaufman and Jant Korins
13. Tracey Smith Lee
Valerie, Keep up the good work. Sending prayers for healthy days!
14. Loryn and Michael Kass
In honor of Valerie Malsch
15. Devin Corpuz
16. Sander Pool
17. Judy Bauer
18. Linda Carpiniello
My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Love you ??????
19. Mel Heineman
Go for it Valerie! Love, Mel Heinenan
20. Donna Salvagio
Sending you lots of hugs and prayer, stay strong ! ??
21. Timothy Perini
22. Michelle Saltz
Sending love and hope for a cure??
23. Denise Josephs
In honor of Valerie Malsch
24. Rosemarie Shefferman
25. Patricia Richards
Valerie, Stay strong! I believe that a cure will be found and we are praying for you and your family. Much Love, Patricia
26. Emily Malsch
In honor of Valerie Malsch, my beautiful and courageous sister in law who I love more than she will ever know. You've got this Val!!! We love you!
27. Maryann Pilat
Health and peace in the New Year. Love, Maryann and Ed
28. Roy Geronemus
wishing you the best. Roy and Gail Geronemus
29. Sander Pool
30. Cisco Cisco
31. Margaret Roffee
To celebrate my birthday today, I can think of no better gift than a cure for Multiple Myeloma and a long and healthy life for our wonderful daughter-in-law.
32. Lauren Mandell
Thinking of youand your beautiful family, Valerie.
33. Carole Irgang
In honor of Valerie Malash who is an amazing woman, mom and friend. Her beauty, inner strength and love shine brighter than the North Star
34. Suellen and Howard Singer
35. Susan and Larry Merson
36. Daniel Bernstein
Thoughts and prayers with Valerie and all the Malsch's. The Bernsteins
37. Kim Meyers
Dear Valerie, Wishing you the best in fighting this disease. Stay strong! Phyllis and Matty Taubin
39. Evan Claar
40. Teri Wilde
Love you Valerie! Sending you hugs and kisses and positive thoughts.
41. Alexander Gadd
42. Wendy Berk
all our love to you, Malsch family! xo, the Berk Family
43. Cheryl and David Brause
Sending our love to you Valerie!
44. Laura Glaser
45. Diana Perkins
To my 15A bunkmate. Here’s to finding a cure-soon. Xoxo, Diana
46. Deborah Cohen
To finding a cure! Keeping you in our prayers.
47. The Abbe Family
Sending lots of love
48. Lori Losardo
Can't remember if we donated- so doing again. Can't wait to share a whole bottle of wine with you!
49. Laurie Gates
50. Mindy Shulman
51. Lauren and Fred Powers
52. Rachel Gordon
Sending so much love and hope to your family. I am lucky to have Peyton in my life and I know you all mean so much to her. Your family is incredibly strong and I am praying for a cure.
53. Sara Mainster
54. Nicolle Jacoby
Val- thinking of you and your family and sending you prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery!
55. Leesa Suzman
Wishing for a cure.. couldn't come soon enough.
56. Andrew Berdon
We wish Valerie and all those who are fighting this disease full recoveries and long and healthy lives.
57. SHaron Blaustein
58. Suzanne Hershey
59. The Bocian Family
60. Shelby and Adam Moser
61. Fern and Peter Nadel
All our love to Valerie and her family.
62. Linda Fischbach
63. Richard Montag
64. Michael Bunder
65. Judith Monheit
66. Willow Malsch
Love you ??
67. Stephanie Carroll
68. Gantcher Family Foundation
69. Rick Landgarten
70. Marisa Jakson
The Jackson and Faden Family
71. The Novensteins
72. Monica Cohen
In admiration of Valerie Malsch's courage and spirit.
73. The Kanner family
74. The Strek Family
75. Toby Alter
76. Jeffrey & Susan Stern
We are glad to support you during this challenging time and hope for medical breakthroughs. Jeff & Susie Stern
77. Jeanette Cohen
We wish you remission and surround you with love and our positive thoughts Jeanette and Stephen Cohen
78. Elliot Wolk
Nancy and Elliot Wolk
79. Stephanie Gardner
80. Cheryl Milstein
81. Robert Feitler
Susan and Robert Feitler
82. Michelle Delong
Michelle and Chris Delong
83. Robert Falk
Robert and Bobbie Falk
84. Roslyn Haber
85. Howard Berkowitz
Howard and Judy Berkowitz
86. The Vento Family
Stay strong, sending you much love, Jenn and Anne
87. Amy and Seth Shulman
88. Beth Cukier
89. Anne Marie Kearns
Valerie, praying for you as you go through your treatment. much love, Anne Marie Kearns
90. Renee and Jeff Epstein
We're with you all the way Valerie! Love, Renee and Jeff
91. Bhushan Hardas
With all my prayers and best wishes. You and your family are in my prayers.
92. Abbey & Scott Solomon
Sending you love & strength Val!!
93. Eric Spencer
With Huge Love and Support
94. Judy & Jeff Lewis
95. Mark Rubin
always look to a brighter future!
96. Margot Milberg
Valerie Sending you good wishes. Margot Milberg
97. Michael Moser
98. Peggy Fond
99. Amy and Jon Goldstein
Much love from Amy and Jon Goldstein
100. Ilene and Matt Axelrod
Stay strong in your fight. Let's find a cure.
101. The Marcus Family
Here's to finding a cure. Stay strong. We love you
102. Randy Stevens
Val, Sending you and the whole family love and strength as you tackle the transplant- Randy, David and Olivia
103. The Raifaisen Family
Hopes and prayers are with you Valerie. Thinking of you and your family now and always!
104. Carolyn Clyne
105. Sondra Neuschotz
106. Mindy and Russ Miller
107. Lewis Stolman
108. Sophie Spears
109. Jennifer Haas
110. Dave & Karen Shuster
Lots of love to you and your wonderful family!
111. Michael Rosen
112. Elizabeth Bernstein & family
Much love from Elizabeth, Julia & Bill
113. Nicole and Michael Moser
Valerie and Jeff: We admire your strength and are always here for support.
114. The Shires
We love you and want to support you in your battle!
115. Gail Binderman
116. Paul and Diana Frank
Valerie, You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers...
117. The Rosenthals
Lots of love and healing prayers from us...
118. Sue Jacobs
Valerie - We admire your strrengh Sue and Bob Jacobs (Michelle DeLong's parents)
119. Lori Glowacki
120. Jen & Jeremy Glovitch
Thoughts and Prayers to you and the family always!
121. Alisa Zickerman
Sending lot of love to you and your family. Craig, Alisa, Jack and Paige
122. Rick and Pam Glogau
Valerie, You and your parents are in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you all the best.
123. David Hillman
124. Patricia Wolff
125. Gail and George
Valerie, we are praying for you. Be the one to beat this horrendous disease.
126. Sara Mainster
Keep going and feel good!!
127. Renee Koevary
128. Daroff Family
Sending our love.
129. Leslie Bond
130. Find A Cure
Wishing you strength and a fast path to a cure. Lots of love.
131. Joyce and Fred Claar
With much love from Joyce and Fred Claar
132. Sharyl & Gregg Reisman
Sending lots of love
133. Erika Flink
Sending lots of love!
134. Anne Alleva
Love surrounds you, Valerie!
135. Karen Sherman
136. Amy Serfaty
137. The de Toledo Family
138. Anne Kessler
Valerie, my childhood BFF and an amazing mother, daughter and friend. Stay strong, luv to you and your family.
139. Unice Lieberman
140. Bobbi and Jon Roth
141. Sue Ellen Cox
Valerie I'm a friend of your mom and dad. I was saddened to hear about what you are going through. I wish you all the best.
143. Jill Steinberg
In honor of Valerie and Karen Shapiro's birthday.
144. Howard Anders
We are happy to be part of the team to find a cure.
145. Amy Rompala
146. Robin Kaplan
Valerie - I am so sorry you are going through this. Sending lots of love and good wishes. Love, Robin
147. Laurie Epstein
Stay positive and strong.
148. Pat and Edward Falkenberg
Sending our love to you and your family.
With love from Nikki, Joy and all the Ansells
150. Marla Mehlman
Valerie—stay strong and hopeful!!! Thinking of you always!!! xo, Marla and Jon
151. Lauren Powers
152. Susan Minster
Sending our prayers and hoping for a speedy recovery! Love, Susan, Mallory, David, Kelly, and Ryan Minster
153. Jeannine M Palermo
Praying for you and your family ??
154. Cimone Goldman
155. Jennifer Malsch
156. Rachel Gelnick
157. Olivia Mehm
Love you Sydney! Wishing for there to be a cure in the near future.
158. Elizabeth Wood
With love from the Wood family.
159. Phoebe Chase
160. Michelle Friedman
With love from the Friedmans, Michelle,Darren & the boys.
161. Robin Gibson
Wishing you good health & prayers for your recovery.
162. Tracy and Michael Nathanson
163. Suzanne Raved
164. Amy and David Chasen
Love you guys!!! xoxo
165. Mark Narins
166. The Bleustein Family
167. Stephen Mandy
168. The Campbells
We love you Valerie! You are so strong...keep fighting you have an army behind you. Xoxo The Campbells
169. Beth Gelfond
Wishing you the best Valerie!!
170. Jessica Lattman
Sending Love, the Rosenberg family
171. Deborah & Scott Smith
Deborah & Scott Smith
172. Bryce Smith
173. Sandra Gaffner
Be well Valerie!!
174. Stacey Weil
175. Harold Brody
176. Jody and Alan Brody
177. Amy Javer
178. The Rangaiah Family
179. Tara Sharp
180. Edward Crane
We send our love and best wishes. Carol and Ed Crane
181. Dina Borelli
Valerie I know you will beat this! Wishing you nothing but prayers everyday and good thoughts. Stay strong! xo Dina
182. Laura Sheppe Miller
183. Devyn Rose
184. Bonnie Y.
In support of Valerie Malsch-- and her fight against Multiple Myeloma.
185. Elisabeth Ehrich
Sending love and good wishes.
186. Susan and Herb Myers
Thinking of you Valerie!
187. Elissa Brown
For Valerie N M because Karen Heineman Shapiro told me about her illness.
188. Sharon Seltzer
This is for strength and hope to you and all who suffer, and for research that others might not suffer still.
189. Jocelyn and Scott Sontag
190. Rochelle and Josh Waldman
191. Elissa Lesser
Honored to donate for this cause! Wishing you well!!!
192. Michele Sloane
In honor of Karen Shapiro's birthday
193. Erika & Bryan Ehrlich
194. Lisa Kava
195. Alissa Appel
Sending love. Stay strong. Xo
196. The Palatnek Family
Prayers for a cure!
197. Peter Sheehy
198. Jake
199. Amy York
200. Ellen Wilner
This donation is in honor of your and Karen Shapiro's friendship!
201. Lauren Cherkas
Anyone special to the Fond special is #1 in our book
202. Michelle and steven litt
203. Susan Scharf
With all our love and support. Love, Susan and Paul
204. Shari Brooks
I am a good friend of Karen Shapiro's. Thinking of you and hoping for a CURE.
205. Lori Friedman
206. Ruth Suzman
Best wishes Valerie - thank you for reaching out to everyone for support. You are so impressive - Ruth Suzman
207. Laurie Medvinsky
Sending lots of love to Valerie and your family to keep this disease under control and to find a cure!!! Laurie & Larry Medvinsky
208. Susan and Jim Dubin
209. David & Lori Bosses
Stay strong, Val.
210. Lori Ben-Ari
211. Ann Marie and Steve
Always here for you!
212. Bonnie Sherman
Thinking of you and wishing you the very best!
213. Deena Rosendahl
214. Jacqueline Weiss
Thinking of you, Valerie.
215. Dan & Leslie Cohen
216. The Melmans
217. Abby and Zach Smith
218. Judy Gitenstein
Honoring the whole amazing Malsch family. Frame of mind and focus have so much to do with outcome. You got this, Valerie!
219. Marta Benedetti
220. Amy Rakoff
We are in your corner, xo The Rakoff's
221. Jill Fischer
222. Annamaria and Rick Havens
Sending prayers and love.
223. Karolina Battaglia
224. Ariela Martin and Family
With love, Ariela Martin and Family
225. Tessa Hamermesh
226. Hillary Klein
227. Julie and marc irizarry
228. The Wang family
Sending my love and support
229. Laura Otsu
230. Adam & Julie Paget
231. The Fond Family
We love you more than anything! xo - A,J,L,B,C
232. Denise Koslowsky
Stay strong - you are beautiful inside and out.
233. David Molot & Lisa Dwyer
234. Jolie And Doug Siegel
235. The Ziman's
Sending positive thoughts and every good wish.
236. Melissa Cates Claman
Sending you support and healing thoughts. Melissa Cates Claman
237. Jay and Sari Canell
Valerie - keep fighting the fight for a cure!!!! Our support is with you and your family!!!
238. Katherine Stempel
239. Barry Kraushaar
240. Jennifer Gross
Valerie, we are thinking of you and your family! Your strength is inspiring!
241. Jill and Rick Hyman
242. Jennifer Rothstein
Sending positive healthy vibes your way! The Rothstein Family
243. Lori & Scott Narins
We are so sorry to hear this. Stay strong and positive. We will keep you in our thought and prayers.
244. Slater Family
245. Lisa Donofrio
Hang in there Val!!!!
246. Marla Arum
With hope and support for you and your family!
247. The Slivka Family
Sending positive thoughts your way!
248. Aura Caldera
249. Sabrina Abramson
In honor of Valerie <3
250. Natasha Levy
Keeping you in our prayers, sending strength and love xox
251. Beatrice Goldsmith
Victoria and I are sending love and prayers to all of you. Valerie I know you fighting hard I hope you find comfort in knowing you are having such a positive impact in developing positive paths to fight this disease. Much love and support. Xoxo Beatrice & Victoria Goldsmith
252. Lisa Meiselman
For you, my dad, and a dear friend who battled ferociously
253. Betsy Polatsch
254. Nora Marino
255. Nancy Weingrad
Praying for a cure - stay strong!
256. Jennifer Yoskowitz
Sending positive and healing thoughts!
257. Lori Babbitt
Sending love and prayers. The Babbitt Family
258. Janet Korins & Joe Kaufman
Sending love and prayers for a cure
259. Paul Rubin
Wishing you only the best. Paul and Pam
260. Melissa and Dan Rothberg
261. Dana Hokin
Thinking about you! xo
262. Tracy Jaffe
263. Beth and Steve Pass
264. Laurie Gruenberger
Sending positive healing vibes your way, Valerie.
265. Alissa & Rich Kanowitz
266. Wendy Kleinman
Stay strong!! Thinking about you.
267. Susan Lipsitz
Sorry to hear you are going through this. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.
268. Jenn & Josh Glantz
269. Ellen & Dan
With lots of love!
270. Abby Hoffman
Wishing you strength and hope for a cure!
271. Susan Schwartz
Here's to making this a chronic illness-
272. Joanna Wolff
Happy to join you in the fight for a cure Joanna, Scott, Lily and Matthew
273. Erika Radin
274. Stacy Rifkin
275. Stefanie Feidelson
Val we are praying and thinking of you. Keep fighting!! Much love to you and your family.
276. Jane Cohen
277. Isabelle Mark
278. Cameron Scansaroli
279. Karen Feldman
Sending Lots of Love
280. Amy Bauman
Sending love, peace and much strength!
281. Irene and Bruce Steinberg
Praying for a cure. We love you.
282. Jennifer Daniels
Stay strong!!!!
283. The Wetchler Family
Sending love
284. Firouzeh Javaheri
Praying for cure.
285. Andrew Berdon
Sending our love and support.
286. Jacqui Wasserberger
Sending you love and strength!!
287. Todd Emmerman
Valerie, we are praying with you and sending love! Hillary and Todd
288. Daneil Nelson
Here is to more rainbows & sunshine. Love you Valerie
289. Patti Lubin
Sending you strength and positive thoughts.
290. Claar family
291. The Molot Family
Wishing you a long-lasting remission, Valerie. With love from the Molot family.
292. Christopher Martin
Our thoughts are with you.
293. Rachel Schmerin
294. The Karp Family
295. Anonymous
296. Vanessa and David
With love from all of us.
297. Rachel Aranoff
Praying for your health. Thank you for including us in your holy work.
298. Nancy Shapiro
Stay strong, love you. The Shapiro's
299. Anonymous
Pulling for you Valerie
300. Lisa Marinelli
301. Naomi & Joel
302. Kevin, Sharon, Caroline and the Higgins Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you - The Higgins Family
303. Chelsea Hartney
Sending so so so much love to the best family around!
304. Anonymous
305. Jennifer Pool
Thinking about you ??
306. The Glucksman Family
Val, always know we are here for you & your family. Sending healing prayers along with lots of hugs! XOXO
307. Nicola Rosendorff
308. The Cohane Family
We're all here for you and love you!
309. Hutcher Family
Love you
310. Karen Zachem
Sending much love, strength and prayers.
311. Sara Mainster
With love from the Mainster family
312. Lorie Stewart
Thinking of you Valerie. Stay strong! Xo Lorie Stewart
313. Wendy Portnoff
Praying for a cure
314. Lawrence Roffee
315. Lisa Towne
Sending strength and love to the Malsch family.
316. Lauren Weiss
Continue to be positive and strong!!
317. Lisa Nelson and Ed Ludwig
We are so happy to donate to the MMRF in your honor Val. Sending love and positive energy. xo
318. Cynthia Fisher
Let’s hope for end to this disease soon!
319. The Kuhlmann Family
320. Laurie & Jay Gates
Sending you love and prayers.
321. Carol Penn
322. Laurie Wolk Rosenblatt
323. Scott Kaplan
324. Susi Rubinowitz Sur and Family
Wishing you and your family continued strength and praying a cure is on the way.
325. Eileen and Michael Meyers
We are so sorry you are going thru this. We are Sending our Love to you Val and all the Malschs' and hoping for a cure
326. The Rothschild/Ressler Family
Sending our love to all of you. We are praying and hopeful that there will be a cure soon. Much love, The Ressler Family
327. Jane and Marty
We are here for you and are happy to support efforts to find a cure. Love, Jane and Marty
328. Zoe Grossinger
Love you so much Peyton, and wish your mom and all of your family strength and good health <3 thinking of you. xoxo
329. Susan and Larry Craven
In support of you and your wonderful family and hoping for a cure, Susan and Larry Craven
330. Robyn and Jared
Stay Strong!
331. Peter and Debbi Landau
Thinking of you and your family!
332. Beth Tomkiewicz
333. Samantha Gilbert
Valerie, wishing you fortitude and sending love.
334. The George Family
Sending much love and strength! Love, The George Family
335. Janine Blieden
Thank you for sharing your message. You have the support and love of many many friends and we know you will fight this.
336. Melissa Kazan
Thinking of you, Val! Hang in there. xo
337. Debra Donahoe
Pulling for you and a cure.
338. The Haller Family
We love you and your whole wonderful family. I hope a cure will come soon for you and others who are fighting this fight.
339. Henry Gitenstein
Valerie, so sorry to hear this. I don't know what to say.
340. The DeLong Family
341. Marcia Helbling
Valerie, thinking of you.
342. The Carroll Family
We support the Malsch family and MMRF!
343. Andrea K. Weiss
Love and support to you and the family!
344. Janette Gee
Thanks for posting. I’m praying for a new discovery that will cure this very soon.
345. Marci Cohen
Happy to join you in your fight! Stay strong!!!
346. Brian Acrish
347. Anonymous
348. Amy Albert
Sending you strength and love Valerie! We hope this will make a difference in your life and in the lives of so many others.
349. Wendy Goldstein
Stay strong and kick ass. xoxoxo
350. Francine Frydman
Thinking of you and sending many hugs. Xoxo. Fran Frydman
351. Lisa Bradlow
352. Stacey Sheinbaum
Sending prayers and strength
353. Megan Kulick
love to all of you! Xoxoxo
354. Sara & Nico Friedman
355. Mary McKnew
356. Deborah Goldberg
357. Julie B Stonberg
So sorry Valerie. Keep fighting - hoping for a cure!!
358. Anonymous
Thinking of you and your family!
359. Allison Fehrenbaker
Sorry to hear this news. Sending hugs your way
360. Maggie & Larry Roffee
In support of our wonderful daughter-in-law who has brought so much joy and love to our family and is the perfect partner to our son, we are supporting you in all ways possible. Love, Mom & Larry
361. Kirsten Krohn
Valerie- You and Jeff and the children are remarkable and strong. We are with your family and supporting you all in any way we can.
362. Eric & Arlyn Tepper
Valerie, Thank you for posting on FB and bringing attention to MM. Hopefully these important steps in creating awareness will help expedite a cure and provide the much needed resources to assist in that effort. We love you!! The Tepper's
363. Susan L Spiegel
I live for you!
364. Judi Galst
365. Jodi Boockvar
Wishing you all the best!
366. Karen Shapiro
Praying for many clinical trials and medical advances and ultimately a cure for Multiple Myeloma.
367. Kimberly Jay
368. Erin Foster
Praying for a cure.

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