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In Honor of MMRF

Created by RuemonMehul Bhattacharyya

RuemonMehul Bhattacharyya

Help us honor our loved one while making a difference in myeloma research.

I am Ruemon Bhattacharyya. I am 13 year old boy from a suburb of Boston. I have written three story books!! The first two books, Weird Larks!! and Ghost of the Mist, were published when I was in 3rd grade. These books received excellent feedback. I then followed up with Ghost of the Mist sequel in 2014: Ghost of the Mist: The True Hero. Inspired by me, my younger brother Mehul collaborated with me to write our latest book in October 2016: A Handful of Hope.

We donate entire proceeds from selling these books to children and families in need via various non-profit organizations (Cradles to Crayons, KIDS, and SAMS. Most recently, our books helped little kids in Syrian refugee camps in Europe.

We are proud of how we can help people in need by selling our books. The last book was specifically written to make sure everybody keeps their hopes high for a good life. These children stories are sold in Amazon.

Please go to and type our names (example, “Ruemon Bhattacharyya”) and buy these books. We will send all the proceeds to MMRF.

Thank you very much.

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