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In Tribute of Christine Willett

Created by Sameer Rao

Christine Willett

It is with great sorrow that I must announce that my beautiful wife Christine Willett, mother of our son Fynn, passed away this past weekend. Christine died peacefully and painlessly after a 3 year battle with Multiple Myeloma. We will always love her and miss her forever.

Help us honor Christine by making a difference in myeloma research, and make a donation to the MMRF in lieu of flowers.

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), along with its research and medical industry partners, has fueled more studies, initiated more trials, developed more treatments and has had a greater impact than any other organization on myeloma. While the MMRF has made enormous progress, they still have much to do and cannot do great research without your support.

Please consider joining Christine's family in the fight against myeloma. Together we can make a difference.

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Guest Book



1. Pushpa Joshi
Dear Sameer: No money can comfort you at this time. I certainly hope you will face this tragedy courageously for the sake of Fynn and your parents. We only can offer you words of support. Pushpa Joshi
2. Sushant Palakurthi Rao And Broder Dittschar
Das schönste Denkmal, das ein Mensch bekommen kann, steht in den Herzen seiner Mitmenschen. You are always with us, dear Christine, and we will always be there for Fynn, Sameer, Jessi, Beate and Ken.
3. Anonymous
4. Sarah Motter
In memory of Christine Willett
5. Christiane Meschkat
Dear Fynn and Sameer, my heart and my thoughts are with you!
6. The Raoberer Family
You are all in our thoughts. We're here for you to help in any way we can.
7. Suzana Holz
In memory of Christine.
8. Anonymous
9. Joni Gupta & Family
In memory of Christine
10. Sangeetha Palakurthi
Cures for Myeloma
11. Puneetha Palakurthi
12. Anonymous
You are deeply missed my friend
13. Jane R Correia
Dear Sameer and Fynn, We are so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of love, Daphne, Jane, Ravi, and Adele
14. Heike Schmalstieg
In Memory of Christine! Our thoughts are with Sameer, Fynn and family.
15. Victor Avelar
Sameer, please accept my deepest condolences. I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through. It isn’t fair. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
16. Kimura Family
17. Beth and David Lawrence
Our deepest condolences go out especially to Fynn and Sameer, and all the members of the Willett and Rao families.
18. Hilke Risau
I have known Christine only shortly but I enjoyed talking to her so much while we watched the boys play soccer or at school. I remember her so lively and happy and chatty. I never saw her sad and desperate although I am sure she was. Maybe she had the gift to enjoy the short time she was being given and not waste a day. Death is big. We are his laughing mouths. When we think ourselves in the middle of life he dares to cry the the middle of us. R.M. Rilke
19. Marty & Debbie Mason
We offer this donation in honor of Christine Willett for her valiant battle over the past years and for her family who gave her such strong support.
20. Survanshi Family
Our deepest condolences to Sameer, Fynn and the Rao family.
21. Claudia Reis Pacheco
My prayers and my thoughts are with you and your family!
22. Janice Simmons Ferris
Our most sincere condolences to Christine's family. Sending so much love to Ken, Hanna and all of Christine's family. Janice Simmons Ferris
23. Carolina Farill
In memory of Christine, and with sincere condolences.
24. Shad McNair
Our deepest condolence to your family.
25. Suhas P. Rao
26. Snider Family
27. Mike And Katia Fischer
Sameer, our hearts are with you and Fynn.
28. Alto International School
In memory of Christine, a beloved Alto community member, and with love and support for her wonderful family.
29. Drew & Twylla Alexander
In memory of a beloved community member and with lasting support for her wonderful family.
30. Lynne Biggar
In memory of Christine. Lynne Biggar
31. Scott Burba
32. Miriam King
May your memories of Christine fill you with comfort and love. She was always a strong person and she will be greatly missed! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love, Miriam
33. Bakirathi Mani
Dear Sameer and Fynn, holding you in our thoughts and hearts, in memory of beautiful Christine. We think of her strength and love for you both. With love from Baki, Mario and Amar
34. Albert Maier
Thoughts and prayers to all of you. We're so sad for the loss of Christine.
35. Don And Alison Steel
In memory of Christine, and with deepest sympathy to her Mom and Dad
36. Nadine & Ruben
37. Lavon Bobo
My heart goes out to Sameer and Fynn and the rest of their family in this time of loss and grief. Love & Blessings, Lavon Bobo
38. Chojnacki Family
Our hearts go out to you and your family.
39. Anonymous
We hope that the loving memories of Christine will forever give comfort to all those whom she shared her life with.
40. Devayani And Subhash Lathi
Life of a soul never ends. Christine fought the disease with her heart and soul, never hesitating a forward leap and never giving up hope. Her courage and hope will be the brighter future for the other victims of this deadly disease.And her spirit to fight will inspire others forever. God may give you courage and strength to endure the loss of your loved one and peace to her forever living soul
41. Greer Smith
All my love to the Willett-Rao Family
42. Vincent Edwin Hopkins
43. Akshay And Shobha Dalal
With sincere condolences from Dalal family
44. Vivienne Walsh
Sameer and Fynn, in honor of your beautiful wife and Mom. May she rest in Peace
45. Stephen Root
46. Anokh Palakurthi
Hi Sameer Uncle, Because my parents are attending the memorial service, Kimberly and I have to stay at their home to watch Amitya for this weekend. We love you and hope that you find peace through how much your family loves you, supports you, and will always be there for you. Our deepest condolences, Anokh & Kimberly
47. Woodsy
God I miss you, our talks, the wine, and oh the wine, my dearest friend.
48. Meg Gilsten Hale
49. Anonymous

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