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Honoring Kathy Gram Katterfield

Created by The MMRF

Kathy Gram

It is with heavy hearts that we post this tribute page to Kathy Gram Katterfield, our friend and an incredible advocate for myeloma patients, and indeed all battling cancer.

We are humbled by the fact that she asked that the MMRF be one of two organizations that her friends and family support in lieu of flowers.

Kathy was a bright light in the world, and brought her positivity, compassion, energy, and love into everything that she did. She even turned her own cancer journey as a way to give back to the cancer community when she made a career change to work for Millennium Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda) in the role of Head of Advocacy shortly after returning to the workplace post-diagnosis in 2007. She brought her personal understanding of the cancer journey to her role and was a valuable asset to Millennium and to all patients during the many years that she held that role.

Kathy was also a great cheerleader for the MMRF during her years at Millennium. She was literally at every event we held, be it the MMRF Gala, the NYC Marathon Cheer Zone, or the Empire State Building Run Up. Kathy also rallied teams at the MMRF Boston 5K Walk/Run every year and even got a group of more than a dozen MPI employees to train and run the NYC Half Marathon in 2014. She also pushed herself beyond per own perceived limits by training and running on MMRF Teams at events like the Falmouth Road Race and the NYC Half Marathon.

Kathy’s energy and enthusiasm touched so many. We are forever grateful for her friendship and connection to our organization, and humbled by the fact that even in her death, she continues to support our mission so that we can continue to help patients have better outcomes and accelerate treatments driving toward a cure, not only for myeloma, but for all cancers.

Kathy Gram Katterfield Obituary:

Guest Book



1. Katherine Neville
In memory of Kathy Gram
2. Susan Gibson
3. Lynne Brennan
In memory of Kathy Gram
4. Mary And John K
Keeping All of you in our thoughts and prayers. So sorry for your loss.
5. Kathryn Hunt
In memory of Kathleen Gram
6. Maureen Stark
Dear Patti... My heart goes out to you and the rest of the family at this difficult time. Kathy was a beautiful woman inside and out. My love to Patrick, Devin, you, Dan, Nancy and Gerry and, of course, Peter and your whole family. You'll be in my prayers in the coming months as I know you'll miss her so much. Love and hugs, Your cousin - Maureen
7. Christine Peart
In memory of Kathleen Gram
8. Kimberly Rubash
In memory of Kathleen Gram
9. Ginny Rice
In memory of Kathleen Gram
10. Joan Willianson
In memory of Kathleen C Gram
11. Margaret Farrell
Donation in memory of Kathy Gram Katterfield
12. Robert & Danielle Damiani (Katterfield)
In the warm and loving memory of Cathy Katterfield Gram. The loving and amazing friend of my wife, the wife of my uncle, and the reason her and I were able to meet in ACK. We donate in the hopes that others won't share in such losses.
13. Karen And David Boling
In loving memory to Kathy❤️
14. Mary K
Kathy, we miss your humor, stories, jokes and compassion. We loved you the moment we met at Jim's "Beach Shack" in June, 2013, right after we lost our Mom. We've been blessed that you met and loved Jim and married him in a memorable ceremony in Nantucket in September, 2015. I choose to believe you are on a sunset sail, just waiting for us to catch up. Love you!
15. Sharon Saias
I read this news today with a heavy heart. Kathy touched us all. I met her while at MMRF and became fast friends. I’ll always remember the time we spent in Florida together at Pat’s event and got to know Jim. Sending love to her family which meant everything to her.
16. Kathy Cogliano
In honor of my dear friend Kathy Gram Katterfield. I will miss you and will keep you forever in my heart! You’ll now be helping from the other side I just know it. God bless your journey home +++
17. Ryan & Kelley Wade
Kathy was such a kind person, with such a passion for her job and patients! I can still remember her laugh - it was such an infectious laugh!
18. Alicia ONeill

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