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Myeloma Milestones

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Create a Tribute Page to celebrate a myeloma milestone,
from the anniversary of your date of diagnosis to your “re-birthday”. 
Celebrate your milestones by raising critical funds to accelerate a cure!

MMRF Stem Cell Transplant Program: 
  • Are you or a loved one about to have a stem cell transplant? We            invite you to sign-up for a stem cell transplant  care package full of      good wishes as you take this important next step. Items in the              package includes a fleece blanket, a water bottle, an MMRF                wristband, lip balm, hand sanitizer, Sudoku book, coloring book,          colored pencils, and an MMRF pen.
  • Have you had a stem cell transplant?  Share with us your                     transplant date and receive a re-birthday card to celebrate!

Register today at: 
This program is supported by Sanofi and CURE magazine.
If you need to search for or would like to donate to a Tribute page 
created prior to January 2, 2017, please contact Brooke Roberts at or (203) 229-0464. 
Thank you for your support.