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In Tribute of Thomas K. Lee

Created by Nicky Lee

Thomas K. Lee

Our dad was an open-minded, adventurous soul. He fought as a Marine in the Korean War. Then, came to the U.S. to pursue a doctorate in Economics. He worked for the State Department and subsequently started consulting on his own. He developed international projects, playing matchmaker between large conglomerates and the nations in which they wanted to do business. His work took him to Russia, UAE, China, Korea, Japan, Ecuador, Brazil and everywhere in between. He spoke multiple languages and read voraciously.

What made him unique was his "Forrest Gump" way of approaching any situation. He believed in the goodness of people and was always optimistic about the future.

Although he fell ill too soon due to COVID-19, exacerbated by his underlying condition of multiple myeloma, dad was a happy spirit who gave a "thumbs up" until his last days.

Thank you for helping us honor our dad by making a difference in myeloma research.

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1. Marilyn Janas
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Nicki. MJJ
2. Joelene And Doug Von Koenig
3. Chris Merullo
4. Julie & Steve Thomas
5. Tricia And Gene Raphaelian
Donation made in memory of Thomas K. Lee
6. Lynanne DeGarmo
Thoughts and prayers with Nicky and her sister, and all who loved her dad.
7. Julie Bregen
8. Rick And Giny McAninch
9. Natalie Pitchford

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